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About Us

About Us


LocalAuthorityJobs.com is your source for the latest roles in Local Authority


LocalAuthorityJobs.com is a jobs board dedicated solely to Local Authorities within the UK.  We work closely with our clients to bring the best jobs to the public sector on a daily basis.


Professionals in Local Authority can use this resource as a sophisticated tool when searching for their next position of employment. Although Local Authority Professionals will enjoy reading news, attending appeals, reading up on the latest policy and legal references, it’s always important to have site dedicated to finding a new opportunity.


The website is engaging and well thought through, being easily navigated, which helps all public sector positions to be found seamlessly.


The Ultimate Site for the Best Local Authority Careers


Having such a dedicated and strong client base, you can be assured that the jobs on LocalAuthorityJobs.com are the ultimate jobs of the highest quality.


Jobseekers – register now and start searching for your ultimate career within Local Authority.  


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