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Elective Home Education Officer - Thurrock

Thurrock Council

£28,363 - £33,920

Full time

Thurrock, London



An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the existing Education Welfare Service within the Children's Services Directorate of Thurrock Council.

In the newly created role of Elective Home Education Officer (EHEO) you will be committed to establishing a good relationship with Thurrock Elective Home Education (EHE) families; ensuring the local authority is fulfilling their statutory duties in respect of all Thurrock children educated otherwise than by enrolment at school.

You will be the main contact for all matters relating to EHE; monitoring the quality of the education being provided. You will be a main contributor to the Thurrock Safeguarding Agenda ensuring, within your role, that children are safe, taking appropriate action to ensure that the educational needs of children educated at home are fully met.

You will be expected to contribute to the Thurrock School Improvement Agenda and to respond to the developing government agenda on elective home education.

The ideal candidate will:
- Be an experienced professional.
- Have Qualified Teacher Status with experience of teaching across key stages within both Primary and Secondary setting.
- Be able to offer appropriate challenge and support when a provision is not efficient or suitable
- Demonstrate a clear understanding of the Local Authority's statutory duties in relation to Elective Home Education
- Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Departmental Guidance and Legislation relating to Elective Home Education.
- An understanding of the use of School Attendance Orders
- Be self-motivated as well as having the ability to work in a Team
- Be committed to working in a multi-discipline environment to achieve positive outcomes for children
- Have experience of working in a school environment or with families in a similar context
- Be familiar with relevant legislation and statutory powers and in particular The Education Act 1996.
- Demonstrate an ability to work to tight deadlines keeping accurate case notes.

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